Preparing for Wine On Water

It’s a great time of the year to be in St Francis.

There are notably fewer people than over the holiday seasons. The weather is generally fine, the wind is a little less than usual, and some exciting happenings in and around the village.

The next big thing to be happening to St Francis Bay is the Wine On Water Festival this weekend. It is a wine tasting festival, a wine extravaganza if you like, but with all proceeds going to charity. Organized by Rotary, the Wine On Water festival has the backing of Investec. Still, it hasn’t had the chance to run over the last two years due to COVID. So this weekend has been a long time coming.

When an event of this magnitude comes to town, there are always a few teething problems and a few nerves. So without wishing to detract from what will be a fantastic weekend, we would like to advise the following basic, almost common-sense rules when jolling at the WOW.

There are basic rules of etiquette for Wine On Water. For example, don’t eat, drink, or even smoke on the barges, obey the jetty manager, no children, no dogs, and no high heels. 

Then there is are rules of respect. The houses are private homes being used as part of the festival, with proceeds going to charity, so please respect these homes. 

There are drinking rules. If a jetty manager or barge skipper doesn’t like how you’re swaying on the jetty, you might be refused access. This will be for your own safety, so best not to start fighting. It won’t end well.   

Don’t drink and drive. There will be many people in the village this weekend, and although they won’t be on the barges or tasting the wines, there are loads of kids and teenagers around. We don’t want any silly Driving Under the Influence accidents, so please utilize the local taxi services. 

Also, try and drink in moderation. This is a wine tasting function, and you want to make the right choices on your wine purchases. It is hard to go slow when the wines are delicious, but instead, hold back a bit until you’re safely at the Quays and on solid ground. 

The final rule is to have fun but try and practice some zen. If there is a queue for a barge, just chill and wait for the queue to unblock. If there is a problem with wine availability or something else happens, just relax again. This is St Francis Bay, where there is no rush. 

Remember there are also a few other options, like the 9 and Wine and a Recovery Run.